1. Luxurious Estates Kick-off the Comprehensive Cooperation Between Wheelock and CardApp
    Founded in 1857, Wheelock and Company Limited is a listed investment holding company headquartered in Hong Kong and a senior land developer focusing on luxurious housing. With the comprehensive cooperation between Wheelock and CardApp, the luxury will soon be re-defined by hi-tech and smart living experiences.
  1. CardApp, a Licensed System Integrator of Octopus
    Pay with Octopus Card in "Cloud-based Interactive Community(CIC)"? Sure! As a licensed system integrator, CardApp Limited now provides full integration with Octopus payment in clubhouse.
  1. All Seasons Place, the First Overseas "Cloud-based Interactive Community(CIC)" Launched
    Composed by office buildings, hotel, service apartment and shopping mall, the famous complex in the heart of downtown Bangkok upgraded itself into a "Cloud-based Interactive Community". It is the first overseas successful case for CardApp Limited.
  1. "H-Privilege/Hang Yick Cloud-based Interactive Community(CIC)" in Operation
    The first platform version of "Cloud-based Interactive Community(CIC)" with clubhouse solution was successfully applied to H-Collection, the trump of Henderson and all properties managed by Hang Yick property management. High One kicked it off by "$1 SHOP" on 5th December.
  1. Hong Kong's First Smart Handover and Defect Tracing System in Operation in "Twin Peaks Cloud-based Interactive Community(CIC)"
    The owners of Twin Peaks were exciting not only because of the keys of new home, but also due to being the first residents to digitally handle tough handover and defects easily with mobile phones. The convenience and efficiency from "Cloud-based Interactive Community(CIC)" were extended to day one of a new building.
  1. "$1 SHOP", a Real O2O Service Launched in "Cloud-based Intereactive Community(CIC)"
    Buying useful products in Flash Sale for just HKD 1 with mobile App and redeeming them in the clubhouse make the closed cycle of Online-to-Offline(O2O) service of "Cloud-based Interactive Community(CIC)". Residents were so exciting about this special event and from now on, if you are quick enough with your estate App, no supermarket anymore.
  1. The Masterpiece, Victoria Harbour's landmark joined "Cloud-based Interactive Community(CIC)"
    The Masterpiece, the international landmark of Victoria Harbour above K11 shopping mall at Tsim Sha Tsui, has signed license agreement with CardApp Limited for "Cloud-based Interactive Community(CIC)", which opens the new era of intelligent skyscraper.
  1. Royal Housing, member of Cloud-based Interactive Community, an O2O store in Changsha has grandly opened.
    At 11:16am, 16th Jan 2016(201611611116, what a time!), the well-prepared “Royal Housing” opened for its first client. “Cloud-based Interactive Community(CIC)” officially launched in Hunan province, and it is also the first milestone of the mission “Internet+” for Wansha-Yuanding property management.
  1. CardApp 4th Anniversary Celebration event at Shenzhen R&D centre
    Nearly 60 colleagues gathered altogether in Shenzhen office to celebrate CardApp's 4th birthday. CEO Charles AN gave his year work report to summarize the progresses made over the last year at CardApp and new milestones ahead, signaling a new era that CardApp was about to enter.
  1. CardApp's Official Product Launch on China Urban Realty Association
    “Cloud-based Interactive Community(CIC)” was officially introduced to Mainland at “China Urban Realty Association(CURA) Chairman Mid-Autumn Annual Dinner and Strategy Discussion 2015”. CURA has 61 land development members in over 100 cities, and it was founded by WANG Shi(Vanke), FENG Lun(Wantong) and HU Baosen(Central China).
  1. CardApp Won Two Awards of “Hong Kong ICT Awards 2014”
    CardApp won “Best ICT Startup (Social Innovation) Bronze Award”, and the brand product of CardApp, “Cloud-based Interactive Community(CIC)” won “Best Mobile Apps (Mobile Information) Certificate of Merit” in “Hong Kong ICT Awards 2014”, the annual highest honor in Hong Kong science and technology industry with international reorganization.
  1. CardApp Won Third Prize of China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition
    CardApp won its first award in national level competition in “China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition”, jointly held by the Shenzhen Government, Hi-tech Industry Development Centre of National Science and Technology Ministry.
  1. CardApp Limited Interviewed by CNC
    Charles AN, CEO of CardApp Limited, was interviewed by CNC TV program "Hong Kong Update". Archive can be watched below.
  1. “Cloud-based Interactive Community” Won 1st Runner-up of “YPEC2013”
    CardApp Limited’s creative project “Cloud-based Interactive Community(CIC)” won the award of 1st Runner-up in the Industry Section of “Young Professionals Exhibition & Competition(YPEC)2013“ on 7th July 2013. The event is held by the Institution of Engineering and Technology(IET) Hong Kong. This year’s theme is “Inspiring Our Future”.
  1. “Cloud-based Interactive Community(CIC)” Reported by Metro Daily
    Metro Daily reported CardApp Limited and its innovative project “Cloud-based Interactive Community” on 22nd May 2013 named “Cloud-based Interactive Community, Direct Connect to Community”.
  1. China Ministry of Science and Technology Visited CardApp Limited
    XU Hai, Deputy Director-General of Office of Hong Kong, Macro and Taiwan Affairs, Ministry of Science and Technology and LUO Xiaonan, Director of National Digital Home Engineering and Technology Research Center visited headquarters of CardApp Limited on 19th March 2013 at Hong Kong Science Park.
  1. “Cloud-based Interactive Community” Reported by Ta Kung Pao
    Ta Kung Pao reported CardApp Limited and its innovative project “Cloud-based Interactive Community(CIC)” on page A39 on 15th March 2013 named “When Hi-tech Meets Daily Life------Cloud-based Interactive Community”. Detailed report can be viewed on Ta Kung Pao online via URL: http://paper.takungpao.com/html/2013-03/15/content_36_3.htm
  1. OGCIO Visited CardApp Limited
    Office of the Government Chief Information Officer(OGCIO) visited headquarters of CardApp Limited at Hong Kong Science Park on 5th March 2013. The guest visitors were from 22 government departments and they showed strong interest on CardApp's smart community solution "Cloud-based Interactive Community(CIC)".
  1. The First Successful Case of “Cloud-based Interactive Community”: Metro Harbour View CIC Launch
    "Metro Harbour View Cloud-based Interactive Community", the first successful case of CardApp Limited’s innovative project “Cloud-based Interactive Community(CIC)”, officially launched on 1st January 2013. Nearly 10,000 residents living in 3520 units of this Henderson's core estate have started enjoying smart living with finger taps.
  1. “Cloud-based Interactive Community” Won “PolyU Micro Fund 2012” Entrepreneurship Award
    “Cloud-based Interactive Community(CIC)” won “PolyU Mirco Fund 2012” Entrepreneurship Award with prize of HKD 100,000 in June 2012. The award is presented annually to honor the hi-tech applications with great potential in technology development and business value. This award also certified "CIC" from academic field.
  1. CardApp Limited Became the First App Developer Incubated by Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks
    After a series of intensive recognition of qualifications, CardApp Limited successfully enrolled the brand new "Incu-App" incubation program of Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks, which offered CardApp Limited a special funding of HKD 300,000.
  1. “Cloud-based Interactive Community” Won Silver Award in “Apps in the City – Public Sector Information Application Competition”
    “Cloud-based Interactive Community(CIC)” creative by CardApp Limited won silver award in the “Apps in the City – Public Sector Information Application Competition” Open Stream (Concept Development Category) organized by Internet Professional Association in February 2012.